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S-Line Corrugated Sheet

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S-Line Corrugated Sheet

It is corrugated sheet which is made from polypropylene. It is stronger, more useful, more hygienic than the other materials in sector. it shows extra strength against moisture and chemical actions. Corrugated plastic sheets reduce cost;

H-line and S-line Plate Mechanical Comparison


  • Bottles & Beverage Industries
  • Trees & Plants Industries
  • Graphic Industries
  • Sings Industries
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Agriculture Packaging
  • Tote & Stationery Industries
  • Steel & Metal Industries
  • Building & Construction Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Plastic & Pallet
  • Natural Stone & Marble
  • Food
  • Aquaculture
  • Separators
  • Medical
  • Printing Technology
  • Education Stationery
  • Electronic
  • Advertisement & Introduction
  • Agriculture Gardening

 Corrugated PlasticCorrugated CardboardInjection Plastic
Project Development Fast and Cheap Fast and Cheap Quite expensive
Strength & Power Resistant against slight tear and puncture Easily teared and punctured Can crack in a heavy, rigid single-pulse
Cleaning Leaves no dust or fluff Can leave dust or fluff on materials Leaves no dust or fluff
Cost Long-term savings because of it is reusable Short life and recycle is costly Long-term savings because of it is reusable
Delivery Its production is quite fast Its production is quite fast 5 times slower comparing to others
Moisture & Chemicals Waterproof and resistant against chemical effects It deformities Waterproof and resistant against chemical effects
Color In many requested colors and in special colors Only white and brown Limited color possibility
Recyclability Reusable and Recyclable Re-creatable waste Reusable and Recyclable
Thickness Available in 2mm to 8mm
Weight 300GSM to 2500GSM
Size Up to 1500mm Wide and Cut Lengths
Colors White, Blue, Red, Yellow , Green and may eye-catching colors
Printing Both side corona treaded surface to provide affinity with printing inks
Food Contacts Suitable for contact with food uses
Weather UV stabilized grade with better Outdoor life concerns and Non-UV Sheets for normal interior applications
Sr.ThicknessMin. GSMMax. GSMWidthLengthColourPacking
1 2 MM 300 GSM 600 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 75 Sheets
2 2.5 MM 350 GSM 750 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 60 Sheets
3 3 MM 450 GSM 900 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 50 Sheets
4 3.5 MM 550 GSM 1000 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 45 Sheets
5 4 MM 650 GSM 1100 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 40 Sheets
6 4.5 MM 750 GSM 1200 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 35 Sheets
7 5 MM 850 GSM 1300 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 30 Sheets
8 6 MM 1100 GSM 1450 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 25 Sheets
9 7 MM 1300 GSM 1600 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 20 Sheets
10 8 MM 1800 GSM 2100 GSM 1.22 Meter 2.44 Meter                                 10 Sheets


The sizes of the samples are approx A4 but sizes may vary slightly depending on availability.


Orders are delivered via a next day service and we aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hrs, 80% of our orders are currently being delivered within 3 working days from ordering. However during busy periods, or if the product is out of stock, we may dispatch within three to four working days from when we receive your order.

Track Order Status:

We pride ourselves on great customer service and communication – during the order process you will receive several emails to keep you up to date with the status of your order and also when it has been dispatched.


All sizes of this product are dispatched with protective bubble sheet and Woven sacks on both side.

Dispatch information:

We have an excellent relationship with our Transporter service and all orders are meticulously packed using a variety of materials to ensure the sheets arrive in excellent condition.

Please Note:

Our current machines work to a tolerance Thickness of +/- 0.1mm. Colour of sheets may differ slightly due to variance in computer monitors.


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