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Company Profile

Shiv Polytech Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of plastic corrugated sheets, corrugated boxes, boards, partition using polypropylene (PP) copolymer resin and supplying quality and competitive products to electronic firms, automotive firms and signage industries. CLPG also provides other customized packaging solution.

We have mainly two products, "H-Line Corrugated Sheet" and "S-Line Corrugated Sheet" which can applicable for Bottles & Beverage Industries, Building & Construction Industries, Trees & Plants Industries, Graphic Industries, Sings Industries, Industrial Packaging, Agriculture Packaging, Tote & Stationery Industries, Steel & Metal Industries, Textile, Plastic & Palette, Natural Stone & Marble Food, Aquaculture, Separators, Medical, Printing Technology, Education & Stationery, Electronic, Advertisement & Introduction, Agriculture & Gardening etc.

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Global Network

"Global Network" refers not only to the physical locations operated by Shiv Polytech Pvt Ltd. worldwide in most industrialized and emerging economies (corrugating plants, converting plants, and research and design centers), but includes the more than half a century’s worth of accumulated experience and know-how gained through helping companies reduce total packaging costs, and rationalize their material handling and logistics systems. The strength and breadth of Shiv Polytech Pvt Ltd.’s Global Network means rapid, effective response to the demands of an increasingly sophisticated economy; an economy that depends - every single day-on the safe, efficient, and environmentally conscientious transport of hundreds of millions of products, to every corner of the globe. Our customers have learned that Shiv Polytech Pvt Ltd. truly is "The Only One".

About Us

  • Over 40 years experience working with plastics

Our highly qualified team have the knowledge and experience to ensure every order is completed to the highest standards.

  • Dedicated customer support team

We strongly believe in excellent customer service and our support team are on hand from 10 am to 8.00 pm Monday – Saturday to deal with any enquiries you may have regarding your order. We will always try to answer customer emails within 24hrs.

  • Satisfied customers

Over the years we have fulfilled orders for a wide range of customers from large corporations to private individuals.

  • Fast and well-packaged delivery service

We have an excellent relationship with our Transporter service and all orders are meticulously packed using a variety of materials to ensure the sheets arrive in excellent condition. Where necessary, larger sheets may be shipped on a pallet(s) to guarantee against breakage. We aim to dispatch your order within 3 working days however during busy periods this may extend to 5 - 7 working days. 

  • Highest grades of material guaranteed

We pride ourselves on the quality of our materials and value this above providing a lower-cost product.


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