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Welcome to Shiv Polytech Pvt. Ltd.

Shiv Polytech Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of plastic corrugated sheets, corrugated boxes, boards, partition using polypropylene (PP) copolymer resin and supplying quality and competitive products to electronic firms, automotive firms and signage industries. CLPG also provides other customized packaging solution.

We have mainly two products, "H-Line Corrugated Sheet" and "S-Line Corrugated Sheet" which can applicable for Bottles & Beverage Industries, Building & Construction Industries, Trees & Plants Industries, Graphic Industries, Sings Industries, Industrial Packaging, Agriculture Packaging, Tote & Stationery Industries, Steel & Metal Industries, Textile, Plastic & Palette, Natural Stone & Marble Food, Aquaculture, Separators, Medical, Printing Technology, Education & Stationery, Electronic, Advertisement & Introduction, Agriculture & Gardening etc...

PP Corrugated Sheet creates ideas for protective packaging with aesthetic value.... a latest name is PP Flute Board & PP Hollow Sheet to shape your imaginations into wealth. It will revolutionize the global horizons if Signage, Packaging, POP, Stationery and Gift segments.

PP Corrugated Sheet is available in Eye catching attractive colors & shades. It is printable both on Matt & Glossy finish.

It is reusable due to better hinge strength & stiffness hence more economical.

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Salient Features

Reusable and High Insulation.

Water / Chemical Proof.

Less Pilferage.

Light Weight and Strong.

Easy Handling and Puncture Resistant.


H-Line Corrugated Sheet

It is corrugated sheet which is made from polypropylene. It is stronger more useful and more hygienic than the other materials in sector. it shows extra strength against moisture and chemical actions. Corrugated plastic sheets reduce cost.

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S-Line Corrugated Sheet

Normally surface of the PP hollow sheets have straight lines. But the new technology is making those lines on the sheets in S (wave) type style. It brings new look and mainly the strength of the sheet while avoiding the bending effects of the sheet. Those sheets are mainly used in various purposes such as indoor, outdoor advertising, decorating and packaging industries.

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